Cabins at a Glance-2022

Enjoy your own rustic private cabin with living room, separate bedrooms, fireplace, screened porch, bathroom with shower, outdoor cooking grill and fire pit. Many of our cabins have fully-equipped kitchens. Our Bed and Breakfast cabins have mini-fridges, plus a full American breakfast at our Lunch Bar window is included in the cabin rate.

Families frequently rent a "main cabin" (with full kitchen) and along with additional B&B cabins to accommodate family members as a family reunion.

We are open from mid-May through the end of September. We are currently taking full-week reservations for our cabins for the High Season (Saturday, 25 June  through Labor Day, 5 September 2022). Shorter stays can be booked for the Shoulder Season or later this year.

Please contact us directly at or (603) 795-2141

Cabin Name Bedrooms Sleeps Kitchen Type Bath descr High Season Shoulder Season
Lakeside 2 5 Kitchen Bath/Shower $2,300/week $270/night
Lakefield 2 5 Kitchen Full Bath $2,300/week $270/night
Balsam 3 6 Kitchen Bath/Shower $2,300/week $270/night
Applewood 2 5 Kitchen Full Bath $1,860/week $218/night
Fernwood 2 4 Kitchen Bath/Shower $1,625/week $192/night
Rockwood 3 6 Kitchen Full Bath $1,860/week $218/night
Iron & Basswood 4 7 Kitchen Two Bathrooms $1,960/week $233/night
Beechwood 2 5 Kitchen Bath/Shower $1,625/week $192/night
Pine&Pop'lwood 1 2 Kitchen Bath/Shower $1,250/week $146/night
Wildwood 1 3 Kitchenette Bathtub & Shower $1,250/week $146/night
Deep&Dellwood 2 4 B&B with Kitchenette Bath/Shower $1,975/week $165/night
Larch&Laurelwood 2 6 B&B with Kitchenette Bath/Shower $1,975/week $165/night
Glenwood 1 2 B&B with Kitchenette Full bath with shower $1,400/week $125/night
Cherrywood 1 3 B&B Full bath $1,400/week $125/night
Edgewood 1 3 B&B Full bath $1,400/week $125/night
Knollwood 1 3 B&B Full bath $1,400/week $125/night
Sprucewood 1 4 B&B Full bath $1,400/week $125/night
Wicopywood 1 3 B&B Full bath $1,400/week $125/night
Butternutwood 2 4 B&B Full Bath $1,975/week $165/night
Maplewood 2 4 B&B Full Bath $1,975/week $165/night