Loch Lyme Lodge hires 2-8 international students and a number of employees from surrounding towns each summer season.

We are a cabin-based business nestled in the hills of northern New Hampshire, just 10 miles from the prestigious Dartmouth College. We are also close to the White Mountains. We think it is one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S.

Most of our guests come from big cities and hectic lives to spend a week or two with their family in a peaceful environment where they can unwind, soak up the sun, swim with their children, play tennis or ride bikes, pick fresh blueberries or strawberries, build a campfire to roast marshmallows and generally enjoy their vacation.

We are looking for:

  • Students who are excited to meet new people and accept the challenges of working in a resort environment with opportunities to explore the region.
  • Students who already know the English language but would welcome the opportunity to improve while interacting with co-workers and guests.
  • Students that have a good work ethic and that can demonstrate that with each task given, from cleaning and preparing cabins for a new family or picking vegetables from the organic gardens for the lunch menu.

We hope you will benefit from our "family" type atmosphere where everyone is included. We arrange day trips to hiking trails or shopping malls for entertainment, as well as movies in town and occasional impromptu concerts in the barn. If you sing or play an instrument, we encourage you to bring it! If you are a camera person you will be in heaven as the scenery here is truly beautiful.

We have high speed internet so it's easy to stay connected to loved ones and stream your favorite programs.

Loch Lyme Lodge is a great place to work, but it is not for everyone. Please consider us, but please remember:

  • Lyme is a rural community: there are no bars and clubs nearby.
  • We generally do not have overtime hours (although they may be available during busy times).
  • We expect you to honor your signed contract.
  • We provide free housing while under contract with the Loch Lyme Lodge.

We begin reading resumes in February for the upcoming summer season. If you are interested, please send your resume to us via email or via post.

Amy & Jay Kelly
Loch Lyme Lodge
70 Orford Road
Lyme, NH 03768 USA

History of the Lodge

Loch Lyme Lodge was formerly the site of a 200 acre farm. The main house was built in 1784, early for these parts, and today houses the summer dining rooms, with comfortable sitting room. In 1917, the farm was sold and the new owners began taking guests. The Barker family bought the property in 1946 and ran the lodge until they sold it to the Pinnacle Project in 2006, who continue to operate the Lodge in much the same manner as it has been.

Many of our guests return year after year with their families. They come primarily from the eastern part of the U.S. although we also have guests from different parts of the world. We are a family vacation resort accommodating up to 100 guests when full. In June and September, we host weddings, primarily on the weekends.

We serve breakfast and dinner daily as well as a lunch bar during the season. We do not have a bar or liquor license, but you may bring your own wine or beer to meals.

Our guests spend their time relaxing by the lake, boating, fishing, swimming, playing tennis or lawn games. Many take day trips to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The town of Lyme has a population of about 1,700. Hanover NH, 10 miles to the south, is the home of Dartmouth College. Bus service around the area is available starting in Hanover. We try to arrange rides for staff to and from Hanover whenever possible. Access to a car is a real plus. Car rental in the area requires a U.S. or international driver's license, a major credit card and, in most places, a minimum age of 21.

Loch Lyme Lodge is located in a rural part of New Hampshire. Growth in the area in recent decades has resulted in farmland giving way to houses and small businesses but we are definitely not cosmopolitan. There aren't clubs, theaters or other city amenities in Lyme or even nearby. Our 'city lights' are fireflies in the fields after dark on a July evening. We like it that way but realize that it is a lifestyle that isn't for everyone.

Employment Specifics

We operate with a staff of 13-17 fulltime employees and additional part time employees. We have hired European and Asian students decades. Our community is welcoming of foreign visitors. Staff members who make an effort to attend local events or churches have found themselves enjoying many new friendships. Our guests also enjoy meeting our staff.

It is possible to see quite a bit of New England from our location. We are about 5 1/2 hours north of New York City, 2 1/2 hours north of Boston, and 4 hours south of Monteal. Cape Air flies from Boston and New York to the Lebanon Regional Airport (LEB) 17 miles south of us. There is bus service from Boston and New York to Lebanon, NH or White River Junction, VT on Dartmouth Coach or Greyhound bus lines. Amtrak train service also stops in White River Junction (WRJ).

Our high season runs from the third weekend of June through Labor Day early in September. We do hire a few staff members for preseason beginning in late May, and a few staff stay into September to help with weddings and closing up.

Staff living at Loch Lyme are offered a family atmosphere. A full day off is given each week. Staff members are always welcome to use the Loch Lyme facilities (on a guests-first basis).

Our staff includes high school and college age students as well as adults.

Job Descriptions

We work very much as a team, and strive to create a family environment for our staff. In general, we are looking for staff members who are willing to take on any task should the need arise. We know that you aren't going to make menial tasks the sum of your life's work. We are, however, looking for staff who can take pride in the results that come from doing a job well no matter how small the task.

Most of our jobs require working six days a week including Saturdays and Sundays. Some of the cooking positions have two days off a week. We also have a number of part-time positions available.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about wages, job requirements, or living conditions at Loch Lyme Lodge. If you are offered a job at Loch Lyme Lodge, consider carefully before you sign your contract.

Kitchen Staff

You will be running the dishwasher, drying dishes and silverware, putting dishes away, helping with meal preparation, doing pots and pans, and keeping the kitchen clean, including the floors. You generally will work 3.5 hours in the morning (about 7:45-11:15am) and another 3 hours in the evening (about 6-9pm). You will have a large chunk of time off between breakfast and dinner each day. Kitchen work is very important, although not glamorous. It is hard, hot work and the kitchen area is not air conditioned.


Wait staff

You follow the same general schedule as the kitchen staff. You must enjoy talking with people and working with children. Fluent conversational English is necessary. In addition to waiting on tables, each wait staff has duties that rotate weekly. These include doing dishes, food preparation, keeping food storage areas organized, maintaining uniforms and some cleaning. Food preparation includes fruits, juices, salads, appetizers and dessert set ups. During the break between breakfast and dinner, wait staff can earn extra money by baby sitting if jobs are available. Wait staff also help with cabin cleaning, generally on busy Saturdays and/or Sundays.


The host/hostess must be confident and must enjoy working with people of all ages. Good telephone manners are a must. You must be good with figures as you will be doing some billing and receiving payments. You need to be organized as you direct the flow of dining room traffic and service. You will be in charge of the petty cash drawer. You must be able to take charge of the dining room staff, people who may be your own age, and make sure that they keep the dining rooms clean and ready for use.

The Host/Hostess must enjoy working with children. Being able to arrange flowers is a plus as you do the flower arrangements for the tables. You will be responsible for keeping the front hall, office, sun porch, and downstairs bathroom clean. Some general office hours may also be involved including filing or computer work. Your schedule will generally follow the kitchen schedule with a long break during the day.

Buildings and Grounds

You must have an international or U.S. driver's license for this job as you will be driving our truck and car. You will be delivering firewood and picking up garbage on a daily basis from the cabins starting at 8:30am. You will be moving cots (folding beds) and small refrigerators from cabin to cabin. You will be mowing lawns and keeping the grounds in good shape. The waterfront is your responsibility: keeping chairs repaired, making sure boats and canoes are clean, and watching out for any broken equipment or safety concerns. In general, you will work the morning shift and will have one afternoon shift. Afternoons are spent mowing or doing repairs on cabins such as fixing ripped screens or painting trim. Evening chores involve about a half hour of taking trash out of the kitchen and checking the waterfront area. You will have a great deal of contact with the guests and must be sociable.

Lunch Bar Staff

You need general baking skills as you will help with desserts, breads, and cookies. You need to be able to make sandwiches, follow general guidelines for the menu, make up side salads such as potato salad or coleslaw, enjoy presenting food in an attractive manner, keep the cookie jar filled, and be able to figure bills and account for the money received. The hours run from 11:00am through 4:30pm. You must be able to work well with the public. Fluent English is necessary. During slack times on the lunch bar you may need to run the dishwasher and do some pots and pans as well as keeping up with general kitchen cleaning. By 4:45pm you must have a meal ready for staff supper (generally salads, soups, and sandwiches). During the dinner hour you help serve the meal and set up desserts.



A positive approach and ability to work with people of all ages is a must as is fluent written and spoken English. Office work encompasses a wide variety of duties including the following: answering the phone, taking reservations, seeing that messages are delivered, general accounting work, writing letters, filing, answering guests' questions, keeping the office clean, and arranging babysitters for guests. When the lunch bar person gets busy, the office person may help in the kitchen. On a busy Saturday, the office person helps clean cabins. Depending upon the schedule, the office person may also have the responsibility for cleaning the game room daily.


You are responsible for food preparation, assisting the chef, and cleaning the kithen. You will spend one to two days as the lunch bar chef. It is important to have good organizational skills. While professional experience is not necessary, a good "food sense" and genuine cooking ability is required.

General Resort Help

This is a combined position generally involving both wait staff and cabin/laundry hours. The combination varies from year to year and may involve office work, gardening, dish washing, or lunch bar duty.


In general work starts at 8:00 or 8:30am and continues until afternoon. This job involves cabin work of making beds, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, and picking up after people. There is also doing a lot of laundry, and hanging linens outside to dry. A good sense of organization and attention to details is necessary. Cabin cleaners may earn extra money by babysitting as they are free during the dinner hour. Saturdays are long days because many of our weekly rentals change over at that time. Other days are easier. Housekeeping is hard, but gratifying work with a good team.



You are in charge of the large vegetable and flower garden. This includes weeding, harvesting, and planting. Weeding in the flower gardens around the grounds may also be needed. Help with Saturday cabin cleaning may be required.


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