Loch Lyme Lodge in winter 2020

Holiday Greetings from Loch Lyme Lodge!

Start planning another family friendly summer vacation at Loch Lyme Lodge in 2021. Relax in the private cabins and on our beautiful beach and trails.

Rent one of our cabins with kitchens, and perhaps reserve a second smaller cabin at a nominal price for more space, or a quiet place if you really must do some work.

Please check our website www.lochlymelodge.com for details and then give us a call. Reserve one of our 12-night sessions, or get two sessions for a luxurious 26 night stay. Sessions start June 26th and run through September.

Thank you and enjoy your holidays!

Jay & Amy Kelly

Here are a couple more photos of the Lodge just after an 18″ snowfall last week…

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