Is that a Beehive? Yes!

We have a beehive in the meadow above the cabins, on the way to the Carriage Trail. We may get a little honey from it this year.

What do I need to know? The honey bees are focused on collecting nectar and pollen from the surrounding area. They typically fly out of the hive and get 10 feet above you within a few feet from the hive. They totally ignore people unless they are standing directly in front of the hive.

Is That an Electric Fence? Yes!

All beekeepers place an electric fence around their hive.

What do I need to know? The electric fence delivers an unpleasant, but not dangerous shock if you touch it. So don’t touch it!

Want to learn more?

Rich Brown is our resident beekeeper. Ask Jay or Amy to put you in touch with him if you’d like to learn more.

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