Loch Lyme Lodge Plans for Summer 2020

Dear Loch Lyme Lodge Family and Guests,

We are delighted to announce that in 2020, we will welcome guests for Two Weeks plus Four Days extended-stay sessions on the 120 acres of the property at Loch Lyme Lodge.

Enjoy your own private cabin with kitchen, living room, screened porch, bathroom, outdoor cooking grill and fire pit

As an added bonus, we know people coming for an extended stay may need more room, perhaps to have a separate space for work or play. We can include a second (smaller/no kitchen) cabin with your “Primary “cabin rental at a nominal cost. Please contact us if this option is interesting.

In 2020, we are renting the following Primary Cabins for the sessions that begin on June 20, July 11, August 1, and August 22.

CabinBedroomsPrice for 18 nights
Lakeside3 Bedrooms $6,200 for 18 nights
Lakefield2 Bedrooms $6,200 for 18 nights
Balsam3 Bedrooms $6,200 for 18 nights
Applewood2 Bedrooms $6,200 for 18 nights
Fernwood2 Bedrooms $5,500 for 18 nights
Rockwood3 Bedrooms $5,550 for 18 nights
Iron & Bass4 Bedrooms $5,400 for 18 nights
Beechwood2 Bedrooms $4,000 for 18 nights

You may arrive on either a Saturday or Sunday and leave two weeks later (the 4-day bonus extension is available at no additional cost).

The limited guest population and our large property will help you relax and enjoy your time here while practicing “distancing”. These extended stays also minimize the number of people coming through the property, and allow each cabin to be unoccupied for 3 days before the next session begins.

There will be, of necessity, some changes from our historic operations.

  • We can only rent cabins (according to NH guidelines) to people who self-certify that they have remained at home for at least 14 days prior to arrival, only going out for essential items, maintaining social distancing, and wearing face masks when out of the home during the 14-day quarantine period.
  • Our kitchen will not be open. Each cabin or cabin cluster has a private kitchen, screened porch, picnic tables outside, a grill and a fire pit. For those times you don’t feel like cooking, you can get takeout, have food delivered, or eat at many of the excellent local restaurants with outdoor dining.
  • If working remotely is necessary and requires Wi-Fi access, please let us know. We provide modest speed internet (20 mbps) near the Lodge and inside the Barn. We are currently working on upgrading our internet on-site. That may enable you to continue to work and yet have off-hours in our beautiful setting which can provide a much needed change of scenery for you and your family.
  • As we learn more about how important surface contact is for transmitting Covid-19, we will be better able to give guidance on how Playwood and the playground will work.
  • Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for details about everything from the specifics about what we are doing to keep us all safe, to the best ways to get fresh produce. In addition, you can read our Health and Safety page that documents our procedures.

As we look forward to summer, we know Post Pond will be refreshing, the boats will be ready to go, the fish should be biting, berries should be ripening, and the tennis courts will be waiting for you.

We are accepting reservations now. Please contact us directly to secure your reservation. Thank you!

Jay and Amy Kelly, Innkeepers
Loch Lyme Lodge & Cabins
70 Orford Road, PO Box 239
Lyme, NH 03768
(603) 795-2141

Last updated: June 2, 2020

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