News for Loch Lyme Lodge Guests

Wow… what a beautiful stretch of weather coming up this week! Makes you wish you were by a lake in the mountains… oh wait, you are!

We had a new delivery of T-shirts, hoodies, etc. with the Loch Lyme Lodge logo. If you would like to see what we have, just let us know. You’d be surprised how many people have told us they were wearing their LLL swag in different parts of the country when someone approached them and said, “Loch Lyme Lodge? I’ve been there!” I guess that’s what happens when you’re approaching 100 years in operation!

Just a reminder that snacks, cold drinks, and ice cream are available in the barn. There’s also cold brew coffee (with Mini-moos, for extra goodness). It’s an honor system so just jot down your name and cabin and we will put it on “the tab”.

From our master gardener Liz: So glad people are visiting the garden. There is no “gate” as such. The way to get in is to find cup hooks on the post (there’s one opening on each side of the garden) and unhook the netting. The netting will roll back and you can just walk in.

And on your walks in the woods you may enjoying finding things you would not recognize from home. Elise Tillinghast writes a short weekly post that helps you know what you are seeing. Here’s the post for the second week in August.

Take care,
Jay and Amy, Innkeepers

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