Staff Bio’s – 2019

Staff Biographies - 2019

Jay & Amy Kelly – Our innkeepers since 2007, Jay and Amy have been the foundation of the Lodge, graciously serving our guests over the years. We are pleased to have them working with us. Their daughter, Juliet, will be leading the theater camp sessions this summer.

Janet Loven – Back for her third year, we are so fortunate to have Janet at the helm of the Loch Lyme Lodge kitchen. She brings her joy of cooking to the Lodge and is a mentor to our staff (even if they are not future sous chefs in the making).

Jen Grant – Jen takes over as Head of Housekeeping after the retirement of Miss Eileen. Jen is a mom to 3 wonderful kids and loves camping, boating and being in nature.

David Wilson – On Lunch Bar again this year, David returns to make more yummy sandwiches. He just completed his freshman year at Carleton College. He’s undeclared but interested in the sciences - probably will major in Bio or Chem and likely will go to medical school after college. He likes soccer, running, and playing the trumpet.

Grace Shelton – We welcome Grace back again this year to help out in the kitchen and gardens. Grace is going into her second year of nursing school at the University of Vermont, and is planning on going into psychology and work towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She works on a student-run ambulance at school, called UVM Rescue. She hopes to be a certified EMT by the end of this summer and work with EMS in VT in future summers. She is an avid hiker, kayaker, swimmer, and skier. She also enjoys pottery, drawing, and painting as well as working at Loch Lyme Lodge!

Hadley Greene – After a short stint last summer, we’re happy to have Hadley return for the full summer as one of the live-in staff. She enjoys horseback riding, photography, camping, art, and being with her family and friends. Her black and white photos grace the piano room in the Lodge. Hadley loves to sing show tunes and often does this while doing handstands. She held the handstand record at Lyme School of 2 hours and 16 minutes!

Ian Parish – Helping in all departments, Ian returns this year ready to help keep the Lodge happily chugging along. He joined the crew team during his freshman year of high school. He likes playing pool, and Ian is interested in studying history, art, and business.

Koltin LeDuc – Joining us for the first time, Koltin started early in the year to help get the grounds looking great. He enjoys fishing, kayaking, and just being outdoors. Koltin has been studying Falconry with world renown Falconer Travis C Bird for 6 years. He can call out to most birds of prey and does a pretty decent Loon call as well. He’s always happy to demonstrate when asked.

Chidinma Ike – Coming from Nigeria, Chidinma is our breakfast cook this year. She is studying to become a lawyer in family and gender law. Her hobbies are playing, dancing, watching comedy, listening to music, reading. She likes fishing and hopes to learn how to swim in Post Pond this summer.

Ben Olofson – Ben comes to us from England. His hobbies include tennis, skiing, swimming, and table tennis. He likes football (aka soccer), boxing, British sitcoms, stand-up comedy and music. He’s studying Psychology at University. Ben is the son of Claire who worked here in 1992. She had a wonderful summer here and wanted her son to experience the same thing. Finally, Ben can recite several famous speeches in their entirety, Lincoln, Dr. King, and Churchill. It’s quite impressive!

Khongorzul “Honey” Baatarmunkh - Honey lives in Mongolia and studies Business Management. Her hobbies are reading books, snowboarding, skiing, and swimming. Honey is interested in sport cars, music, and video games. One of her biggest achievements in life is learning the English language.

Katsiaryna “Katya” Matsiushenka – Katya is from Belarus and studies at Belarusian State Economic University at the department of tourism (specializing in management of hotels & restaurants). In her free time she likes reading, watching movies, spending time with friends, playing board games, visiting interesting new places in the city, or just having fun. She also likes swimming and cycling, playing with animals and trying different new activities.

Yaohua “Victoria” Cheng - Victoria comes to us from Tianjin, China. She studies English at Changchun University. She likes to read, sing and shop.

Jiarong “Jessie” Li – from Suzhou, China, Jessie studies English at Nanjing Forestry University. She enjoys traveling, climbing, walking around, and taking pictures of beautiful things. She says that these pictures will be her precious memories. She also likes searching for and eating delicious food.

Ahmet Dogu – Ahmet is here from Turkey and will help out on grounds and in the kitchen. He studies Mechanical Engineering at Erciyes University. His hobbies are cycling, swimming, watching TV series, cooking and skiing. He is interested in watching and playing football. He’s excited about coming to the USA for the first time, seeing the country, and meeting new friends.

Gwyneth Munroe – One of our local Lyme staff, Gwynnie joins us for the first time in housekeeping. She enjoys being creative and doing art and music. She also like to run even though she says she’s not very fast. She loves animals and being in nature.

Samantha Barlow – a Lyme native, she has spent the last two years in Germany and Ghana studying business and working with international social enterprises. Samantha attended Colorado College, and her coolest job yet (after working at Loch Lyme Lodge) was founding a guinea fowl farm in northern Ghana. She loves playing tennis and board games. Samantha won the Triple L wrestling award in 2010, pinning 6’6” William Swallow in 7.6 seconds!