Beach and Waterfront

We have a lakeside beach and a grassy waterfront with comfortable Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. Adults and teens can sit, talk, read, and enjoy the sun with their friends and family. If you want to stay out of the sun, we have a big area where you can sit under the trees to watch the waterside activities. The large grass area lets people throw balls, frisbees, and run around. We designate a dog beach for your canine friends to cool down away from the main swimming area.

The Life Jacket Shed is always stocked with clean beach towels for guest use. It also has lots of water toys, like noodles and kick boards. We have a cabana tent, where you can change into your swim gear, and bathroom facilities right at the waterfront.

There's a large sandy area near the water where toddlers can play. The life jacket shed also has lots of toys for the sand: buckets, shovels, trucks, and more. There are picnic tables nearby where parents can watch their children while they talk with others.

The paths slope gently toward the water, making it easy for new bathers to the lake, where they can play in shallow water or move deeper if they feel more adventurous. We do not provide a lifeguard, so we ask that parents accompany all children near the water.

Teens and adults can swim to our two floats for diving and sunning. Many guests swim across the lake to the Town Beach for more vigorous exercise.

We are blessed with the natural resources in our crystal-clear lake. We are delighted to have a pair of nesting loons who often take a mid-morning swim past the beach. (Loons are protected in NH - we ask that you enjoy watching them, but stay away from the parents and juveniles.) Guests frequently see tadpoles (in early summer), frogs, ducks, great herons, and occasionally raptors - osprey and the bald eagle.

And finally, the waterfront has a fire pit where guests can hang out in the evening, singing, telling stories, and roasting marshmallows.

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