Will Loch Lyme Lodge be open this summer? What dates?

YES! We are again offering extended stay sessions in 2021. The sessions begin on these dates (Saturday or Sunday) and run for 12 nights. This permits us two days for thorough cleaning between guest stays. Our sessions will begin on these dates:

Session A: Saturday through ThursdaySession B: Sunday through Friday
Session 1a: June 26 – July 8Session 1b: June 27 – July 9
Session 2a: July 10 – July 22Session 2b: July 11 – July 23
Session 3a: July 24 – Aug 5Session 3b: July 25 – Aug 6
Session 4a: Aug 7- Aug 19Session 4b: Aug 8 – Aug 20
Session 5a: Aug 21 – Sept 2Session 5b: Aug 22 – Sept 3
Session 6a: Call for dates after Sep 4Session 6b: Call for dates after Sep 4

Bonus Cabins: We know people coming for an extended stay may need more room, perhaps to have a separate space for work or play. You can add a second (smaller/no-kitchen) cabin to your “Primary “cabin rental at a nominal cost. Please contact us if this option is interesting.